Tuesday, April 12, 2005

oh, blessed, merciful rain

Now, usually rian isn't something to get all excited about. Usually. Right now it's different, because it's spring in Alabama, all the trees have come back to life and many are in full bloom right now. And that means pollen. Copious amounts of pollen. Pollen on the scale unimaginable to those who do not live in this area, enough so that it is almost a Biblical Plague.

Oh, back to the rain. The air is clean, washed by the sweet spring rain. Outdoor surfaces no longer are coated in a bright yellow powder. The world has returned to it's normal colors, cleansed by sweet, sweet rain.

I didn't get a good picture of the pollen everywhere before the rain washed the stuff away, but Rurality has a great shot of it on the surface of a pond. Now, keep in mind that picture is from 10 days ago, before nature really went into high gear.

Now, here is where I'm not exaggerating. Had to run the windshield washers when I left for work yesterday morning, to get rid of the yellow film so I could see to drive. Had to do the same leaving work, that much had accumulated in 8 hours. But fear not, gentle readers, there will be enough of the Yellow Plague of Respiratory Distress on my car for a good shot later today or tomorrow.
4/15/05 - No pictures of the Yellow Plague of Resipratory Distress since it's rained about every other day since this post. If I catch a shot, I'll post it. Otherwise, you'll have to take my word for it.

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