Saturday, April 23, 2005

thunder over louisville

Well, last night there was more than just thunder over Louisville, it's been confirmed, a tornado did touch down in downtown briefly, blowing the roofs off of a couple of buildings and causing a little concern. This morning, WAVE3 TV is not reporting any injuries or major damage. The biggest problem was the 5,000 Louisville Gas & Electric customers that lost power.

So, today the clean-up begins, and the show must go on. The Thunder Over Louisville Airshow has been scaled back, due to a low ceiling, and will not start until 3:45pm EDT. WAVE3 TV is the official broadcaster of TOL, so their website will have updates throughout the day. Even better, for those of us not anywhere near the broadcast area of WAVE, not to mention not braving the windchills in the 30s to actually watch the show, there will be a webcast of the fireworks. If that link doesn't work, go here, and click on the Watch the Live Broadcast banner located just under the main headers of the page.

So, residents of the blogosphere, enjoy one of the 5 largest fireworks displays in the world from your armchair, in your pajamas. I will try to get some screen shots of the show, which may or may not work.


Eirene said...

I was crazy/brave enough to sit in the cold to watch Thunder.

mira said...

I'll vote for crazy. Personally, that's what webcasts are for, so I did at least get to see it. Get any good pics?