Sunday, April 24, 2005


Well, tomorrow I will be going back to see Dr. F, since the vertigo hasn't gotten any better. He said last week that it could still very well be an inner ear infection if it doesn't improve by Monday. Unfortunately, at this point I'm starting to think of the other things that aren't so innocent that could cause the same symptoms - meningitis, brain damage from multiple concussions, MS. It's just a viral ear the worst viral meningitis which also is something that has to be waited out. That's what i'm going to keep telling myself.

On a related note, I'm afraid that Rescue Squad blogging will soon come to an end. As recent posts have shown, I've been having fits with my health, and won't be able to continuing volunteering as an EMT and still be able to work my regular job. So, I will most likely be taking a minimum of 3 months off, up to 6 months. If the chronic infections and such don't improve after 6 months, then that will be the end of my time at the Rescue Squad.

There are ways I can continue to volunteer as an EMT, and therefore keep my license, which will require less time from me, and I will be able to choose to respond when I feel able. Since the Rescue Squad staffs our truck in 12 hour shifts, 365 days a year, we must be able to work regular shifts. There is another group of volunteer EMTs that I can work with and set my own hours.

Right now nothing is official, although the leave of absence will probably start soon. And, of course, update, rants, raves, and such will be posted here.

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