Thursday, March 31, 2005

all of our representatives are busy now...

At work, I sit at a computer all day, and wait for something to happen. Conference room need A/V support, I'm there. Need a graphic made ASAP? I'm your woman. Brochure, business cards, flyer, poster? That's me, too.

I'm also the Emergency Response Team Coordinator, which is my primary job. I take care of the 13 AEDs in the buildings I work in, make sure they're ready for service. I also train employee volunteers and members of the ERT in CPR/AED/First Aid, and keep up with all that paperwork. I keep an eye on the weather when it may get interesting, and relay NWS watches/warnings. The ERT directs people to the tornado shelters, and makes sure all the offices are clear before we get to the shelter areas ourselves.

With everything I do, I get to be on the phone. I hate hearing the computer-woman saying "...your estimated wait time is 1 hour and 10 minutes." I often don't have an hour to camp out on the phone. Unfortunately, I had to get 2 AEDs exchanged under warranty, so at some point I had to break down and stay on the phone. This morning was that morning. After hitting 2 buttons on the phone once the Physio Control automated system picked up, I was transferred once before I was talking to a real, live, honest-to-God, person. I damn near needed to use one of them on myself. The replacement defibrillators should be here on Monday. Yay, swap-out time.

Is it time to go home yet?

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