Monday, March 28, 2005

i'll hug it, and cuddle it, and call it...kitty

Via BoingBoing

This is too damn creepy:

Pet pillows

Nevada taxidermist Jeanette Hall offers an interesting alternative to stuffing and mounting a deceased pet:

Each pet pillow is hand made from the fur of your pet and made into a pillow that you can display. On one side of the pillow is your pet's fur and the other side of the pillow is your choice of fabric. These soft, huggable pillows are a great way to enjoy your cherished pet...


Pillows range from $65 for a domestic cat to $150 for a horse.

This is just plain WRONG! No, I don't want Noah, Eep, or McCullough made into a cuddly pillow. That's too creepy. Admittedly, Eep is already a walking pillow, she's so fat and fluffy, but I can't imagine actually making a pillow out of any of them.

Have I mentioned this is really creepy? Probably also a sign of mental illness.

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