Tuesday, March 22, 2005

daily snapshot of the world

For the news junkie in you, I discovered a new site today that is sure to satisfy your cravings - The Newseum. It is a museum in Arlington, VA dedicated to the news. It claims to be the first museum of this type in the world.

Today's Front Page Exhibit is the Newseum's most popular exhibit, both online and physical, where over 300 daily newspapers from all over the world transmit their front pages via the internet to the Newseum each day. Then the Newseum chooses 68 of the pages to print and publicly display each day. The online exhibit has all of the pages submitted that day to view.

Newspapers large and small contribute to the Today's Front Page Exhibit, and I find it's fascinating to click through the pages, seeing what's newsworthy in the various cities. The site seems to be a little slow, or it could be my computer today, I'm not really sure which. It's Flash intensive, so be warned. There are several different ways to sort the pages of the exhibit - there's a Flash map that shows the location of each newspaper that contributes, an alphabetical list, or a thumbnail view with the papers in alphabetical order by region, which is the default. Check it out, I think you'll enjoy what you find.

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