Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i've officially cracked

What else can it mean when one is on hands and knees, hissing and growling at a cat, to show her whose boss? I mean, Eep was doing it to me first, and I finally got tired of her piss-poor attitude, so I decided to show her I'm the boss, the momma cat, in a way she understands. She got the point, real quick. I never saw a cat cringe so fast, and her eyes got so wide I thought they might just pop out of her head, she was so shocked. But her attitude improved, she got the idea.

Ok, I'll go back inside the Oubliette now.
Update - I made an impression. Eep was a very sweet kitty when I got home from work this afternoon, eeping at me, purring, headbutting. Overall, I would have to give this afternoon's behavior a

1 on the Eep Pissed-O-Meter. And you thought I was never going to do it again.


Goob/Kris said...

LOL! That's ok. Once I bit my dog to show her who was boss. (Ok, it was just a nibble). TFB walked in just as I did it and just about peed himself. We looked like quite the pair.

mizavery said...

I understand, too. I have a little torti whose preferred form of communication is biting. I've hissed at her, but that has very little lasting effect. She has improved some, but I think that has more to do with her having been with us for six months now. (She was a shelter baby.)

But also it's my fervent belief that tortis are just rife with the troll gene!

mira said...

I don't feel so quite so silly now. :) It has made an impression, even if I have have to remind her again occasionally when she started up growling again. She hasn't tried to eat my hand since our original "discussion".

A lot of Eep's behavorial problems are becasue she had to be isolated as a kitten. Long story short, she tested positive for FIV at 6 weeks old, and I couldn't bear to have her put down since she was otherwise healthy. When she was spayed, I learend the test is not accurate in kittens, so I had her re-tested, and she was FIV negative. So, by the time she was re-introduced to the other cats, she had spent her kittenhood in isolation as an only kitty, living in the bedroom. She would really rather be an only kitty as a result. That's not going to happen, since there are 4 other cats in the house.