Thursday, March 24, 2005

kitty fountain

For Christmas, the kitties all got a water fountain of their very own. They now have a Cat-It Fountain of their very own.

the cat-it fountain
The fountain after I cleaned and refilled it, ready for use.

Eep at the fountain
Eep has a turn...

Maleficent at the fountain
Then Maleficent...

McCullough at the fountain
Then McCullough.

Noah, who is the reason we bought the fountain in the first place, refused to take a sip when I had the camera out. Figures.


pig said...

That's great!
I know several cats who need this.
And beautiful cats. (found you through the modulator.)

mira said...


I found the fountain at a small local pet store in Southern Indiana. I knew the cats would love it because I had a decorative fountain that is a large sphere where the water rolls over the surface. The cats all loved it. I thought this was great when I found it, complete with filter to keep the hair and crud out of the pump.

Ricardo Junqueira said...

AW!!! I wish there were some of these over here!!! I just got a kitty who loves to lick everything! Great gadget! :)
And oh, I loved you cats names! Eep was my favorite! :)