Sunday, March 20, 2005

the carnival of the cats turns 1

Today is truly momentous occasion. From it's humble beginnings with only 7 submissions, to today's edition with over 35 participants and more than 45 indiviual posts. I believe the Carnival has been more more successful that anyone imagined, including Lair. It has been featured in both The New York Times, and Time Magazine. Larurence has a beautiful introduction to the anniversary edition of the Carnival which give a more detailed history of the Carnival.

I learned about the Carnival by way of my husband. He sent me a link to an article at Lair's site, and while I was there, and I found the cats, Edloe, Nardo, Piper, and Frisky, and read about their exploits. While I was there, I discovered the Carnival of the Cats. I was immediately hooked, the Cat Crap category of went into my bookmarks, and I tracked down past Carnivals. I didn't have a blog yet, but that soon changed. Yes, I started blogging because of catblogging in general. So, in that case, whose blogchild am I?

My two submissions for this special edition of the Carnival were a little late due to Noah begging for Beef and Broccoli for dinner tonight. McCullough the snuggle-kitty is also featured in today's edition, being she is a former Margin Model for the Carnival of the Cats main page.

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