Sunday, March 27, 2005

carnival of the cats #53 - dark and stormy night edition

The Carnival of the Cats is up over at Music and Cats this evening, and as always there is much fuzzy kitty goodness. Kimberly laments that she had a tough act to follow, coming after Lair hosted the 1-year anniversary edition last week

If you want even more cuddly kitty cuteness, there is always the Friday Ark at Modulator.

Hopefully wherever you are is better than here in Alabama tonight. It's been stormy all afternoon around here, and I'm happy that the power hasn't gone off tonight. The cats are all happy to be inside tonight, although I think Noah has a secret desire to get out in the storm, at least until he discovers storms are also wet.

I have some pics of the storm as the last line went through the area, which should be on Flickr sometime Monday evening. I'm in the process of uploading 300+ photos I took this weekend, so it will be a little longer before everything is up. In the mean time, feel free to head over and browse through what I've uploaded so far.

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