Tuesday, June 28, 2005

around alabama

My parents made the great journey from Indiana to Alabama to visit for a few days, so I decided that I did have better things to do than blog...like take photos.

Looking north toward the source of Madison County Lake, which is a resevoir created for recreational use.

Looking from the fishing pier east, across the lake to a small cove nestled among the trees

A fallen and bleached tree on the eastern edge of the lake

A Monkeyflower bloom among a patch of Monkeyflower growing in a marshy area at the edge of the lake.

There were supposed to be a bunch of pictures of a lake, some mountains, and flowers that I took while we were all at Madison County Lake, but Flickr is having a fit, so no pics until it decides to stop having a fit.
Update 6/29 - Flickr is over it's fit, so obviously there are now pics.

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