Monday, June 06, 2005

a vision

I know usually, my stuff more on less serious side, but tonight, or this morning, since it's after midnight after all, I'm going to take a little side-trip. I truly had a vision, a waking dream, an hour ago or so, which I wrote down on paper while it was still fresh in my mind. While the text is rather lengthy, it flashed in my mind, I was able to see it all in a manner of a second or two.

Read my vision, if you dare - safe for work In my vision, I saw our Nation, it's People and it's Leaders, all walking in solemn procession down a Golden Road. The Road wound through a beautiful and peaceful forest, tall trees, low ferns, and flowers of all sorts along the Road.

Everyone walked slowly, referentially, with the Leaders in the front of the procession while the People of our Nation followed - men, women, young, old, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, all the wonderful varieties that make our Nation their home. None spoke to each other, they walked calmly, peacefully, some carrying small children, some holding each other's hands, out of brotherly love, not fear. Some of the people carried banners, flags - the U.S. Flag, the President's Flag, each of the States' Flags, all fluttering in a light breeze.

As I walked along the Road, I looked down at the Road itself. It was composed of cobblestones, each one had something written on it. Many were too small to read, while the text of others was written in varying sizes. I saw one stone, with the text written in very large letters "Executive Order 9066, Forcible Internment of Americans of Japanese Descent, February 19, 1942".

I realized what the stones were inscribed with, something the Nation had done, all in the Name of the Greater Good, that unjustly harmed someone or some other Nation. The size of the inscription was proportional to the injustice that had been done. The road stretched as far as the eye could see in either direction.

I stopped walking and looked around. Most people were still walking, looking forward, never looking down. A few others had stopped, as I had, and read the words on the stones.

I asked loudly "Can none of you see what is written on these stones? Can you not see all the wrongs we all have done as a Nation, those lives we all have had a small part in ruining, because we thought and was told it the Right Thing to do, all in the Name of the Greater Good?"

A few more people stopped and looked down at the stones. None of the Leaders stopped, they continued to look forward, walking with heads held high, not saying a word. Most of the People walked around me, continuing in the procession, following the Leaders. A few gently held my hands, kindly smiling, and quietly urged me to continue in the procession, to not speak. I looked around, and the others who had stopped walking were receiving similar treatment - kind urgings to continue walking.

I stepped off the Road, stood on the side, and watched the Nation walk past me. Some of the others who had stopped continued walking, as they were before, while most stepped off the road, sadly watching the Nation walk past us. The People were oblivious to to what was written on the road, and what it actually was. They only went where the Leaders went, following without question, blindly, encouraging those who questioned to do the same.

The Golden Road, winding it's way through the beautiful forest, was the Path to Hell, and each stone was a single Good Intention of the Nation.

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Tom said...

And when I look at that same path, I also see The Bill of Rights, The Emancipation Proclamation, so many indications that, while we are not perfect, we, as a nation, do try. Not every single act of this nation, or the people of this nation, has been an attrocity, and to claim otherwise, as many do, is absolute moral blindness. If our failures are all you see, then I am not surprised at where you think this path leads. I walk this path, helping forge the future of this nation, because I believe that, mindful of our failures, enboldened by our successes, following the guidance of our hearts, We the People may be the light of the shining City Upon the Hill.