Friday, June 17, 2005

updates on the medical marijuana front

As Barry notes in Compassionate Use:Medical Marijuana, the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment failed to pass in the House by a wide margin. So the Federal Government retains the power to prosecute those patients who have a prescription for marijuana for a medical condition. Whether or not this will actually occur remains to be seen.

Oh, and the post where Barry made a post from a rather lengthy comment to the announcement post for Compassionate Use, where a Crohn's Disease patient writes about the different options for the control of nausea/vomiting and appetite loss...yes, that is me. So yes, Mom, I've smoked marijuana. About 7 years ago when I had such a severe flare and lost about 80 pounds.

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Barry said...

Hey, Mira. Thanks for the shout-out. (I tried very carefully not to "out" you in the post at Compassionate Use, but am glad that you've decided to "out" yourself!)

As for the Feds going after medical marijuana... it's already happening.