Friday, June 10, 2005

friday cat blogging

It's dinner time in the Oubliette, and Maleficent decides she wants to join in, enjoy a little wet food along with Noah and McCullough.

We're hungry. It's time to eat. Look at us, we're wasting away to nothing.

McCullough joins the swarm of circling cats.
We know the food is up on the cabinet. Put it down, lady. by-products. Yummy, gravy makes anything better.
Three little cat-asses, all in a row,
Who will get full and be the first to go?

You done with that yet? Can I have what you don't want? Hmmm? Done yet? How 'bout now?
Two little cat-asses, all in a row,
One will get full, and one will blow.

Ah, Friday. Which can only mean one thing, Steve has the Friday Ark up at Modulator. There are all sorts of wonderful creatures, as always. Creep, crawl, run, fly, or swim over to check it out.

Don't forget the Carnival of the Cats, either. The current edition is being hosted by Barry at enrevanche. Submissions are being taken as I type for Sunday's Carnival, to be hosted by Kimberly at Music and Cats. You can submit your catblogging posts by emailing them to submissions(at) or use Ferdy's the Conservative Cat's Carnival Submission Form. Note, the email address for submissions has changed, due to the massive amounts of spam the old address was getting. Trust me, as a past CotC host, it was only amusing for the first 10 Japaneese spam emails.

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