Wednesday, June 08, 2005

gotta love hypoglycemia

I think I've discovered my personal magic blood glucose number, where if my levels drop below that number, I turn into Queen Bitch of the World, also known as the ESAD, MF stage. 70. I drop below 70, things aren't pretty, I drop below 60, and I become truly homicidal. I've never experienced anything below 54, that I'm aware of, and I'm sure the world in general doesn't want to witness such a transformation.


Barry said...

Stuff some of these bad boys into your pocket, purse or backpack (depending on your personal fashion style.) Crunch up three tablets and that's a quick 15g of pure carbs... brings that BG level right up.

mira said...

I found the Walgreen's version of them, and I'm trying the different flavors. I like the grape, haven't made it to raspberry or orange yet. Total of 3 between the cheek and gum, let the glucose absorb through the mucous membranes, and all is good.

Oh, the little plastic single-serving tubs of honey in restaurants are 14g also. They work nicely, too.

Amazing how if it's someone else with a low blood glucose, EMT mode kicks in, and I'm all over getting the other person's glucose up. When mine drops, suddenly I forget that I'm an EMT, and I start telling people what they can do with parts of their anatomy, and imply improper relationships with their mothers. :)