Saturday, June 04, 2005

hey, y'all, watch this!

This is something that has to be seen to be believed.

My dear, beloved husband, Tom, and his brother Luke (who was convienently out of frame), decided they needed to accelerate the flames in the barrel we use to burn brush in by adding more air. So they added air. They built a rig to insert directly into the barrel.

To create this device, you will need:
a length of chain-link fence post (heavy duty hollow pipe, about 3"diameter)
a hair dryer
duct tape
alcohol is optional, and was not involved in this particular project

If using alcohol, then begin consuming at this point. Using the duct tape, attach the blower end of the hair dryer to one end of the fence post, creating an extension on the hair dryer. Insert end of extension into barrel, turn hair dryer onto high, and watch the flames from the Pit of Hell leap up. Don't leave the end of the pipe against the edge of the barrel, so you don't over heat any section of the barrel and melt it.

I married into this, folks. :)

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Tom said...

Nothing makes yardwork go faster than making the sound of a jet engine :)