Wednesday, June 08, 2005

now, why didn't i think of this sooner?

I have a viral GI infection right now, and have since Friday, and so my food intake has been limited to say the least. Tom has the same infection, and it's an annoyance to him, while I had to go see Dr. F., my family physician for treatment. Like any other Crohn's patient, any kind of GI problem affects me much worse than someone with a normal digestive system.

So, I've been taking my meds for the infection, just some stuff to make it more bearable while it passes, which make naps not an option. I think I almost landed in the hospital for an overnight rehydration stay, because I had to admit that while I was able to stay ahead on my fluid intake, it was barely. The anti-spasmodic has worked wonders, I'm actually able to consume food and fluids and not be miserable. (Then I take a nap. May cause drowsiness is an understatement.)

I've been looking for some kind of snack food all weekend, but couldn't find anything that wouldn't irritate my bowels any more than they already were. Suddenly Monday it hit me. Rice cakes! They're just puffed rice, with whatever flavor, I tend to prefer the sweet ones. I've had Crohn's for 19 years and just now figured out that rice cakes make a good snack that's low fiber, and doesn't irritate the digestive system nearly as much as some other snack foods, like potato chips (too greasy), tortilla chips (too much fiber), and the like. Rice cakes are nice and fat-free, and have practically no fiber to irritate the digestive system. (sigh) I should have thought of this sooner. Oh, well.

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