Thursday, June 30, 2005

goodbye, sweet grumpus

I've been neglecting my reading of blogs this week, so I only just read the sad news. Edloe, the portly feline star of This Blog Is Full Of Crap passed away on Tuesday.

Laurence, to you and your wife, I offer my deepest sympathies. As one who has lost a beloved kitty, I have an idea of what you both are going through, and tears have been shed in this house in her memory. Be comforted by the fact that she was not alone, that you and your wife were with her in her last moments.

To Edloe -

May Bast guide your spirit to the Summerlands,
May your spirit find peace eternal,
Your journey has only just begun.
For death is not the end of our journey,
It is simply a resting point before moving on.
Even as you are parted from those who loved you,
All of you will meet once again.

As we all part, we will meet again. Fare thee well, Edloe.

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