Thursday, February 10, 2005

eep's mood

Yesterday Eep was being a very sweet kitty. She wanted to be skritched , and didn't get ugly when I had to stop for a few minutes. Usually if I stop before she's ready for me to, she grabs my hand with her claws and pulls it back. Yesterday, no claws. She even snuggled up with me in bed, kneading biscuits, and took a nap. So, this amazing display affection rates:

1 on the pissed-o-meter

Eep ignoring the world

Which is a drastic improvement from Monday morning, when Eep decided she wanted to hide in my closet while I was getting ready for work, and didn't want to come out. She really didn't want to come out, and I will probably have a scar to prove it when the scratches heal, which gets her:

10 on the pissed-o-meter

Some days I really wonder about that cat. Maybe she's channeling Mog's Psycho Cat?

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