Friday, February 04, 2005

this one's gonna be trouble

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10-Year-Old Drives Pickup 70 Miles to Albertville
February 3, 2005
Carson Clark Reports, 2/3/05

A 10-year-old Georgia girl decided to run away, but she didn't just run away--she took her dad's pickup.

The girl lives in Rising Fawn, Georgia. Police say she got the keys, cranked up the truck and drove 70 miles to Albertville. All along the way, she was never spotted by anyone and never had a wreck.

When she got to Albertville, she turned onto busy highway 431. She made her way to Taco Bell, where she tried to use her dad's credit card. Taco Bell wouldn't take it, so she went next door to Shoney's.

At Shoney's, the employees were suspicious, so they sat the girl down and got her some food. They also called police. She was taken into custody until her parents came to pick her up. There is no word on why she ran away.

Some observations/thoughts on this story.

First, there's a good ol' farm girl for ya. Only 10 years old and can drive a pick-up better than a lot of adults.

Second, whatever happened to "I'm running away from home, but I can't cross the street by myself..."?

Third, what the hell did Daddy do to piss her off? "Take away my internet for a week, will ya? I'll show you..."

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