Monday, February 28, 2005

this is a warning sign, or something

Really, this is a serious cry for help.

Sony Puts Pizza Ordering in Web Game
Sat Feb 26, 9:49 PM ET
PETER SVENSSON, AP Technology Writer

NEW YORK - Demonstrating a deep understanding of what its computer-gaming audience, Sony has built the ability to order pizza into its latest online multiplayer game.

Type the command "/pizza" while playing Everquest II, a fantasy game with 330,000 active players, and get the Pizza Hut Web site, where you can place orders for delivery...

...Sony plans to integrate the pizza function more tightly into the game, so players can charge pizza to their monthly game subscription bill.

"The goal for the future is to eventually let people do more things like this," Kramer said. "They could type /harry potter and get the new Harry Potter book delivered or /star wars and get the new Star Wars DVD."

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You think people don't leave their computers now, this will only make it worse. Much worse. Don't even have to leave the game to get food brought to you, a dedicated deranged gamer's dream.

Put the keyboard down, back away slowly, and nobody gets hurt. Understand? Good. That's it. And the mouse. Lay it down, kick it away. Now walk towards me. Don't look back. Good. Attention all units, subject is clear. Repeat, subject is clear. You are go to neutralize target. Repeat, go to neutralize target.

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Attila said...

I was about to do that, but--alas!--I was captivated by your site . . . :)

It seems that internet addiction is something we all want to conquer in others, no?