Saturday, February 19, 2005

my drive into work wednesday morning

While driving into work Wednesday, I witnessed the most amazing sunrise, which I will attempt to describe here, since I did not have a camera with me. Oh, well. There was life before cameras, right? Back in the day when someone had to describe something using words, or draw it - which I did, quickly when I got to my desk. I'll scan it later and post it here.

As I looked up, I could see the sky was partially covered by clouds, thicker in some spots than others. Low, fluffy clouds hinting at the day to come. The sky was awash with shades of rose, lavender, and violet. Gold kissed the very edges of the clouds closest to the sun, still hidden by hills. As I left the trees behind, and the road opened up, I saw a narrow ribbon of indigo clouds stretching across the vault of the sky, from the northwest to southeast. Along the entire length of the near edge of the clouds, a narrow ribbon of silver decorated them, shining brilliantly from the sun's light.

More clouds obscured the sun itself. Shafts of golden light fanned out from the edges of the cloud, and through holes in it. Behind the shafts, small clouds ripple across the sky, thin and silvery, with hints of gold. Behind it all, the sky was a beautiful blue, the color of sapphires, pure and crisp.

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