Saturday, February 26, 2005

more kitty blogging

Today for lunch I made tunafish for myself. The kitties always get the tuna-water as a treat. Here are the pictures from today.

Noah drinking tuna water
Noah caught in mid-sip.

McCullough cleaning herself after her turn at the tuna water
McCullough cleans up after her turn.

Eep passes on tuna water, and just looks pretty
Eep ignores the tuna-water and opts to look cute.

Eep looking pretty again
And again.
Update 2-27-05, 22:01 - While Eep doesn't care about tuna, she's crazy about wheat crackers. Absolutely, out of her little fuzzy mind crazy for Wal-Mart cracked wheat round crackers. Iloveyou, Iloveyou, Iloveyou, give them to me or die puny human kind of insane. At least I know what to give her as a treat. Can't you just see her killing for a treat?


FireGem said...

Aaaaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How adorable!!!!!! Pet the kitties for me! Can you put something about either of my blogger sites on here? I'd like some more traffic. It's kinda boring writing for and asking advice of no one.... You know how to get ahold of me if you need the URLs or anything. Thanks for listening to me yesterday... I really appreciated it!

Anonymous said...

The two that loaded were adorable =D (Flickr wouldn't load the first one, and second from last).

My Leo doesn't like tuna water, but Zsa Zsa does 'sometimes'. She used to like it all the time, but we eat so much canned tuna and salmon, it's boring to her now I guess.

But there's some neighborhood cats that won't turn their nose up when Zsa does LOL