Thursday, February 03, 2005


Of your life before we do not know
Before your journey brought you here
You climbed upon the banks of snow
Trembling with the cold and fear
You gazed in on that wint'ry morn
Knowing the kindness that was within
At the door you stood, your eyes forlorn
Seeing your plight, we brought you in

You found a home, a pack to call your own
On that bitterly cold winter's day
The others accepted you, you were not alone
No longer struggling for survival, at last you could play
You had a friend to cuddle with to keep you warm
Through the long and dark winter nights
You freely roamed the family farm
Exploring your new home in the crystalline light

Too soon from us you were called away
To roam the meadow and woods no more
In the Elyssian Fields now you play
And there forever shall your spirit soar
The pack howls your song to the stars
Telling all who listen you are lost
Others wail their reply from afar
A requiem, drifting over the fields of frost

In memoriam
June 2003 - February 2, 2005


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