Tuesday, February 01, 2005

more cat literature

The next installment in some of my foavorite pieces of cat literature. Each piece highlights one of the wonderful qualities of cats that those who have ever been owen by one will recognize.

A Dying Mother
Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

If we take the case of cats, they say little, but they think a great deal; they conduct trains of reasoning. I have read an anecdote told by Mrs. Frederick Harrison. An old lady cat felt that she was dying, before her kittens were weaned. She could hardly walk, but she disappeared one morning, carrying a kitten, and came back without it. Next day, quite exhausted, she did the same with her two other kittens, and then died. She had carried each kitten to a separate cat, each of which was nourishing a family, and accepted the new fosterling. Can anything be more wiser or more touching? This poor old cat had memory, reflection, reason. Though wordless, she was as much a thinking creature as any man who makes his last will and testament.


Anonymous said...

Love this. Thanks for posting it.


mira said...

I had to share it after I read it, even if it is a tear-jerker.