Friday, February 11, 2005

visitor last weekend

Last weekend Dika's new kitty, Leaper came to visit Noah, McCullough, and Eep. Dika was going out of town for the weekend, and since I've moved out, Leaper was going to be all alone. He also hasn't been around any other cats since he was adopted from a local shelter, so he got to play with the kitties.

Later I discovered that Leaper loves swinging in the hammock chair.

Leaper swinging in the hammock chair

Noah almost likes it, if he's on somebody's lap. Eep will tolerate it, barely, if she's on somebody's lap. When she's had enough, she's done. It's best to let her go, or there will be bloodshed. McCullough, she tolerates it. She's not happy, but at least she doesn't wig out and try to eat your hand. Leaper, however, couldn't get enough of it.

Leaper hanging out

Update - The Friday Ark is up at Modulator. Be sure to check out what other folks are doing this week. Also, the Carnival of the Cats is currently at Running Scared, and Sunday's Carnival will be at Conservative Cat.

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