Friday, January 14, 2005

friday cat blogging

As I promised, pictures from mine and Noah's trip to Indiana for Christmas.

Noah standing on luggage, riding in the car at Christmas

Noah standing on luggage while riding in the car at Christmas

Noah is mine and Tom's traveling companion. He loves to go on trips, because wherever he goes, there are other kitties for him to play with. This trip, Tom drove to Indiana on the 27th, after spending Christmas with his family, so it was just Noah and myself.

The only drawback to traveling with Noah is if he has eaten a big breakfast, and neither Tom or I could prevent it, it will come back up at the start of the trip. Poor thing gets carsick if he has a very full stomach. If he's had a light meal, life is good. Hence the blankets in the background. Everything in the backseat is covered with cheap old blankets or towels, which we don't care if they get puked on. Unfortunately for me, he'd had a big breakfast on Christmas morning before I left for Indiana. I wasn't even 5 minutes out from the house when he showed me everything he'd had to eat, and even more unfortunately, I could smell that morning, my sinuses weren't plugged up. Ick. After that, the trip was grand.

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