Friday, January 21, 2005

introducing the eep pissed-o-meter

Wednesday of Tom and I began an experiment, we purchased 2 Feliway pheromone diffuser refills. Ok, so we bought the full systems about 2 years ago, and stopped using them after a while. We tried to treat a 2800 square foot with 2 diffusers, which didn't work out too well, the concentration wasn't high enough. Since we now have part of the basement closed off to the cats, so the squirrel living there won't be harassed, we decided to try them again, with both of them upstairs this time.

So, to determine the effectiveness of the diffusers, I'm introducing the Eep Pissed-O-Meter. Every day, or whenever I get around to it, I will post Eep's current level of pissed. 1 is happy, 10 is destroyer of worlds, and 5 is neutral.

Today's pissed level for Eep: 5 not pissed, not happy

So, let's all keep our fingers crossed the diffusers will help her feel less anxious and less agressive toward people and cats. Also, hopefully the diffusers will reduce the need of the kitties to mark territory in the house, cleaning up cat piddle is getting old.

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