Tuesday, January 18, 2005

ss, dd - updated

Same snot, different day. Yep, the sinusitis, tonsilitis/pharyngitis, bronchitis, and all that crap is back. Time to see Dr. F again for another round of antibiotics, and make the appointment to see the specialist to go ahead and get my tonsils taken out. Two little pockets of tissue, causing so much trouble.

At least we both have a sense of humor about it. The last time I saw Dr. F, I had let it all go a little longer than I should have, and was experiencing every color of drainage known to man, and when the nurse asked what color, I told her all the colors. My conversation with Dr. F went something like this:

Dr. F: So, I hear you have the Technicolor snot. (and you though doctors used medical terms)

Me: Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Dr. F: Indigo? Violet? Teal?

Me: Nah, staying away from the blue side of the spectrum. Focusing mainly on the warm colors for now.

Dr. F: Well, that's good. If you had blue drainage I'm afraid I can't do much for that. I'd have to send you to a specialist.

Dr. F looks at my nose and throat

Dr. F: Second verse, same as the first...What antibiotic did I have you on last time?

If you can't laugh at being sick, well, what can you laugh at? You may feel too rotten to laugh much at the time, but you can at least smile. :)

Update 09:00 1/19/04 - After a visit and nice little chat with Dr. F I have -wait for it- a sinus infection! Imagine that. At least I'm still 100% accurate on self-diagnosis of the damn things, I have yet to be told that it's just viral or something else bizarre going on.

The treatment, you ask? Another round of antibiotics, Augmentin XL this time. I know the XL stands for extended release, but I swear to God and all that is holy that I have never seen a bigger pill in my life. It's every bit the size of the average human pinky finger, from the last joint to the tip. I'm not shitting you. And I take two of them, twice a day. I swear I'm gonna choke on one before I'm done.

I worked the rescue truck last night, and a different partner for the evening, since Apollon had to work the ambulance. She looked at the Augmentin tablets as I prepared to take them and just stared. Then she blurted out "Are you supposed to swallow that, or shove it up your butt?" Ah, yes, the reserved thoughts and observations of another EMT.

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