Monday, January 10, 2005

the geology of a cup of cocoa

I'm sitting here at my desk, preparing on of my favorite cool-weather pick-me-ups: coffee and cocoa. Take a cup of plain coffee, dump in a few packets of instant cocoa of your favorite variety, stir, and enjoy. Very tasty, packed with sugar and caffiene, which are two major food groups, right?

Today I as I poured the cocoa in, it formed this perfect cone in the middle of my cup. This perfect island, sloping into a sea of coffee. So I didn't stir, I just watched.

A crack appeared along the left side of the summit of Mt. Cocoa. A few moments later, the fracture widened, and the area sank into the Coffee Sea. I slowly slid my spoon into the cup, along the opposite side. The coffee rose up, and another part of Mt. Cocoa sank into the coffee, near the spoon. Small areas continuously broke off the main mass of cocoa, sinking, forming a U-shaped area in the side of Mt. Cocoa. Finally, the peak of Mt. Cocoa slowly sank, until there are only a few slight hills, and a thick coffee/cocoa mixture is bubbling up through the powdered cocoa in a few areas near the center.

It's amazing how things repeat on various scales. The geology of the Earth in a cup of cocoa.

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