Thursday, January 06, 2005

snow pictures from indiana

wind sculpted drift around the corner of a house

two young boys playing on a car buried in a snowdrift

a young boy playing in the snow

Photos taken after the record snow fall of December 22-23, 2004, which dumped as much as 30 inches on parts of southern Indiana. And yes, I happened to go to one of the parts that got 30 inches to visit my family for Christmas. The pics I took will be posted shortly, once y'all get tired of these. All snow pics will be on Flickr in the Weather album.

Pictures courtesy of Eirene.


Sub007 said...

Those look like the snow pictures I took here, just south of Evansville, in Owensboro.

We only got about a foot of actual snowfall, with 2 & 3 foot drifts.

Those pictures are very cool.

mira said...

These photos were taken about half an hour north of Louisville, KY. Some areas had drifts as high as 6 feet. Out on the farm, it was literally ass-deep. :)