Sunday, January 16, 2005

treacherous beauty

I went down to Clarksville to have dinner with some family. Before we went to the restaurant, I stopped at the park on the banks of the Ohio River, looking across to downtown Louisville, admiring the beauty of the lights against the night sky, reflecting off of the river. The cold air make everything look sharper, more crystalline, the lights shining like mulit-colored jewels in the night.

In contrast to the beauty of the lights, the river is flooded, the dam at Louisville a mere ripple under the water. There's a deadly beauty to the river when it's like this, the water rushing past silently, ripples and eddys hinting at the power and danger of the current. It's easy to be mesmerized by the shifting patterns, the waves formed as the river itself pulses, as if it had a heart beat, so alive, so beautiful, so treacherous. The river calls out, the siren's call, beconing the unwary soul to her watery embrace, and a watery grave. She promises a gentle embrace, a lover's caress, but she is possessive of her lovers. Once she has her choosen love in her embrace, it is unweilding and eternal. As she carries her beloved away into the darkness of her depths, her icy grip becomes warm, fear retreats, and her love embraces her in return.

Grief passes for the one who the river claimed, memory fades. The rains come once again, and the waters begin to rise. And the river sings her siren's song once more.


FireGem said...

I love the way you describe our river! Do you all have anything like the Ohio in Alabama? Thanks for all the help and advice you gave me this weekend. I hope you know how much you've helped me out with this stuff. Have a safe trip!

mira said...

You're very welcome for this weekend, I'm glad I could help. If you need anything else, just let me know.

We have the Tenessee River through north Alabama. It's not nearly as dangerous as the Ohio, only about half as wide. I've been out on the in a pontoon boat, dropped anchor and went swimming in the middle of the river without a life jacket. I could swim against the current with little effort. The Tennessee more like a series of lakes since the TVA built a series of dams on it, while the Ohio is very much a wild river. The Tennessee gets dangerous when it floods, of course, but nothing like the Ohio is now.