Wednesday, May 18, 2005

beauty and grace under the water

I went to a wonderful nursery in Huntsville recently, Bennett's Nursery, and discovered they expanded to more than just plants. They now have fountains, statues, and water-garden supplies. So, of course, I took a few pictures.


Got anything for me?

A calico koi in motion

Another koi

These particular koi live in a large indoor pool, approximately 10' x 15' and 8' deep. Which is approximately 1200 cubic feet of water, or if you prefer, is equal to:
  • 8,976 gallons
  • 33,980 liters
  • 285 barrels
  • 44,883 fifths
  • 142 hogshead (US)
  • 119 hogshead (UK)
  • 1,149,007 shots, ponies, or fluid ounces
  • 4,413 ancient Hebrew measures
  • 236 cubic cubits
Just in case you ever were wondering.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You ought to paint the Koi. They would be beautiful subjects. I especially like the finger extended to the koi. It's like spirit reaching to spirit.