Thursday, May 19, 2005

this is my family, y'all

Dad has a new hot, young chick that likes to follow him around and hang off his arm all the time.

Sweet Tweet is a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen who loves attention, from anybody. She's never seen me before, and approached so I could take her picture within a few minutes of me sitting down. The next day if I sat down, she'd come and want on my lap, just as much as anybody else's that she's more familiar with. She knows how to play the game, become a pet, so even when she's no longer a productive layer, she'll never see the inside of a soup pot.


The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Cute! I didn't know hens could be such friendly pets, but then again, I'm a city kid.

mira said...

It really depends on the breed of chicken. The Wyandottes, whatever the color variation, are considered heavy breeds, which tend to be much friendlier and less agressive overall than the smaller commercial breeds. The hens tend to be friendlier than the roosters, but Mom and Dad have one pet rooster also, Rooster Cogburn (a Barred Rock). The other pet chickens are Buffy the Earthworm Slayer (a Buff Orpington) and a yet unnamed dark Barred Rock hen. Yep, 4 chickens that want a lap, arm, or the top of your head when you sit down on anything in their enclosure.

Rurality said...

None of our chickens are quite that friendly. :( I guess we need to play with them more when they are young. Haven't tried the Wyandottes yet... hubby had to stop me or I'd have ordered one of everything. :)

mira said...

Dad played with them twice a day, every day when he fed the chicks. They're all 8 weeks old now, and are used to people. The Ameriucanas, the last breed Mom and Dad have, are not friendly at all, they can be caught, but aren't happy about.