Tuesday, May 31, 2005

google searches

Aww, I'm not the 3rd result for the following Google search: Kate NCIS killed. Let's see, right now I'm 6th, not too bad. Yes, I'm highly amused by the amazing increase in traffic I've seen all because of my post last week about the NCIS cliffhanger.

The all time top 10 Google Searches that have lead readers to this site:
  1. NCIS Kate killed
  2. NCIS Kate
  3. Oubliette - #5 result, need to work on that one
  4. ncis killed kate
  5. ncis cliffhanger - #1 and #2 results WOO-HOO!
  6. kate killed ncis
  7. remicade infusion
  8. +ncis +"killed kate"
  9. ncis kate is killed
  10. killed kate on ncis

I find this so hilarious. Heck, I'm outranking fan fiction sites right now in results ranking. I'm glad to see that a search on the word "oubliette" is still in the top 3 of Google searches sending people to this site.

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