Tuesday, May 24, 2005

ncis cliffhanger

They killed Kate! You Bastards!

I am of course talking about NCIS. Ok, I don't think she's really dead, I think Gibbs is having nightmare that Kate would be killed while on his protection detail. Here's why: there are so many allusions to the deaths of other characters throughout the episode. Kate is pondering Tony's near death after being infected with Y. pestis, the black plague, during the previous episode.

Later, she is assigned to protect Gibbs from the terrorist Ari, she, Gibbs, and the other agents spend the night in HQ. Gibbs works through the night, while the others all fall asleep. Kate wakes up, sees the other asleep, walks over towards Gibbs's desk, and sees him slumped back in his chair, throat slit, dead eyes staring. She screams, and wakes up in the office, and wakes everyone else up. In another scene Abby tells Kate that she had a dream about Tony, and that he was covered in blood. She woke up crying, and says she never cries.

So, at some point Gibbs has fallen asleep, and is dreaming about their next operation. Since he balked at being put under protection, and especially having Kate as the head of his protection detail, even though she is former Secret Service and highly qualified, he's afraid something will happen to her while protecting him. She's Secret Service trained, and in the final scene we see her dive in front of Gibbs, taking a bullet (wearng body armor) to save his life. Then she is shot in the head by a sniper, Gibbs's worst nightmare. I think at the beginning of the first episode of the next season, Gibbs will wake up from this nightmare, Kate alive and well.

At least I hope so, or something similar.


Darth Medicus said...

God i hope not. She was my favorite character, well next to the GOTH chick.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kate will wake up from a dream and the whole NCIS thing will be a dream, and she will realize she is a DSS agent and we will get a whole new series

mira said...

It has to be a dream because there were too many allusions to people dying in dreams throughout the episode. At least I'm definitely hoping so...

I'm revising my theory a litle bit, after thinking about it a little more. It may be that Tony is the one having the dream, worried about loosing his "sister", since those two definitely have a brother/sister type relationship. They fight and pick on each other, but in the end, they each would do anything for the other.

Darth Medicus - Abby is definitely one of the greatest, most original characters I've seen in quite a while. Gotta love how she can get away with anything where Gibbs is concerned.