Friday, May 20, 2005

a hint of things to come

In order to meep myself occupied while I wait to find out what's going on, my husband and brother in law are going to help me get my art studio back in order so I can start painting again. I'll be taking some pics of my older artworks, so people can see them.

Also, I will be setting up an online art gallery where some works will be for sale. I will be using an existing online store service, and not that I'd screw over my customers, but I want to give buyers protection in the transaction.

Anyone have any suggestions of online store services that are good to work with? Right now I'm looking at Yahoo Store, Ebay Store, and BizHosting. I know Yahoo is one of the most popular, but I don't know how good they are to work with. If anyone has any suggestions, or comments please leave one. I don't have any experience in online selling, so any input is appreciated.

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