Tuesday, May 03, 2005

since this is a blog, i guess i should blog

Lets's see, MRI of my head showed an empty cavity, so now news on the possible MS front. Still have balance issues, which are getting worse. Going to go see a diferent doc next week to see what's going on. I still want, well not exactly want but need to have, a spinal tap to know for sure what the fuck is going on.

I went hiking in NE Alabama over the weekend in the mountains. Went to a couple waterfalls that were close to parking lots, only a couple of hundred yards walk to each. Still was enough to wear me out, and I wasn't good for much yesterday, either. So, stamina is getting worse too. Great. Just what I need. Oh, yeah, I took lots, like about 200 photos, which are making their way to flickr and here eventually.

What else? Oh, yeah, a general lack of give a shit. I'll probably catblog sometime, too. We'll see.


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Goob/Kris said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry about the tests. Sometimes any answer is better than no answer at all. I had to have a LP once and...well... I'll be thinking of you. (Hoping they dope you up some).

Hang in there. I'm thinking of you and watching for another update.


FireGem said...

i wish you had some better news... i'll be praying for you! honestly, though, i didn't think the LP was so bad... the nerve response tests were less than amusing. i hope you don't have to have all that other crap that i did... well, feel better!!!

Ace of Plums said...

Oh dear Mira. It is my observation that you are, too, an INFP personality type with Crohn's disease. When recently reading this personality profile I came across information stating that certain dynamics of the typical INFP cause stress naturally resulting in "escalating bouts of ileitis and colitis, both of which are particularly prevalent in the INFP." In my search for a connection between the two, which may help control the disease if it is possible to recognize and respond to unfavorable situations that typically cause an INFP to hold onto stress, I found your blog. Are you aware of any connection between Crohn's disease and your personality? How do you control your disease, if you don't mind me asking?