Tuesday, May 17, 2005

health update

An update for my friends, family, and casual readers. Nothing has really changed since my last post on this subject. The test was called an ENG, and you can read the details of how it works on WebMD. No results from it or my blood work I had last week, so more waiting. If that wasn't enough, I've come down with bronchitis/sinus infection again. Whee, which isn't helping the vertigo any.

I'm filing a claim against my short-term disability insurance now, since it's been a month since I've been to work and it doesn't look like I'll be back any time soon, and I can't keep existing without cashflow.

Everyone who has send well-wishes, I thank you. I've really appreciated the support. I'm trying to keep everyone updated on test results, etc, so if any of my friends or family read about results before I called you to tell you, I've honestly forgotten who I've told and who I haven't. Unfortunately memory loss is one of the symptoms I've been experiencing, so oversights like that are completely unintentional.

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