Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the aquarium has some new residents

Today Tom and I got out for a little while this afternoon, which I kinda regretted since it was 90°+ and the humidity was close to 100%, I swear, it had to be. At least it felt like it. We went to The Aquarium Shop, which unfortunately doesn't have a website. The link is to the Google phone book result. If you are in the Huntsville area, I highly recommend this shop, they have an anstounding selection of both fresh and saltwater fish. They also seem to be healthier than fish purchased at national chains, even PetSmart, which I think is great for a national chain.

Back to the new residents. I purchased the only 2 pygmy cory catfish, Corydoras pygmaeus, they had in the entire store, so my school is up to 3. They are swiming together in a loose school, wagging their little tails, and I swear they look genuinely happy. I also purchased two croaking gourami (pictures to come). One started toward the Mountain Minnow fry, and all 6 adult White Cloud Minnows came to the defense of the single fry, which escaped. I don't know if this batch of fry will actually survive, since until today they never had to hide from any predators. That will not be a great loss, since the male Minnows are displaying, showing off for the females, who are becoming very gravid with eggs. I knew that I could never have all offspring of the Minnows grow to adulthood, since they would quickly crowd the tank.

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