Saturday, August 27, 2005

hurricane katrina

New Orleans is soooo fucked.

Katrina is forecast by the NHC to make landfall as a Category 4, possibly even a Category 5 storm. New Orleans is below sea level for the most part, if it rains hard for too long, they are royally screwed.

Why am I so concerned about Katrina? My best friend, Eunomia, or the Voodoo Queen, is from right where the hurricane is supposed to make landfall. Her family would be so screwed if they rode it out. She trying to convince them to drive up here, NOW, and stay up here, where at worst we'll have to deal with Tropical Storm Katrina. If there's not enough room at her house, we have a basement with no tenants right now, and lots of couches. Between the two of us, we can put her family up here, if they will come up.

Everyone, please pray to your chosen deity that the loss of life will be minimal. Material things can be replaced. A human life cannot.

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