Wednesday, August 24, 2005

musings on theoretical astrophysics

First, to be honest I know just enough about Theoretical Astrophysics to sound like a genuine nerd, which I guess I am. Yes, most of what I know comes from Science Fiction, but I'll get to that in a moment. I have read some genuine scientific papers, and understood them. I have a theory. I call it The Domestic Black Hole with Corresponding White Hole Theorem. It goes like this. Theoretical Astrophysicists (at the time I read the paper, about 15 years ago) believe there are Micro-Black Holes floating around. They are so small the only thing the can affect are atoms, so when they encounter a large mass, such as a planet, a cat, or whatever, they suck in a few atoms and continue to drift on. They are common, and harmless.

My Domestic Black Hole with Corresponding White Hole Theorem is based on the following colloraries.
1. There are slightly larger versions of the micro black holes located within every domicile, and the corresponding white hole within the same domicile. The matter that went through the black hole in emerges inside the same domicile. Simply put, there are a pair of links through time and space in every home, and that they drift about.
2. The black hole is large enough to pull in things the size of car keys, socks, the cat, and then ejects them someplace else in the house.
3. The black hole and corresponding white hole are, while irritating, harmless to all forms of matter and energy.

Now I said I would get to the Science Fiction part. I'll admit my 3 favorite TV shows of all time are all scifi. My all time favorite is Farscape, followed by Stargate SG-1, and then Stargate Atlantis. Yes, all 3 are on the SciFi Channel, and here's SciFi's Farscape website. CSI comes in for a close fourth, possibly even a tie.

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