Monday, August 29, 2005

still holding out in huntsville

Things have really started to pick up here, now. North Alabama is currently under an Inland Tropical Storm Warning, a Tornado Watch, and a Flood Watch. Whee! Right now we are experiencng sporadic power outages, which will not stop the blogging, since the laptop is running off the wall outlet right now, so the battery is fully charged. The cable modem and router/wi-fi access point are on a UPS, so I can keep blogging until all the batteries are down. Hell, we'll keep going until the tornado is actually on our street. Our radars tell us within a 100 yards where the tornado is, so even with power out, we will keep going until the tornado is knocking on our back door. Mwa-ha-ha!

Did I ever mention that Huntsville reigns supreme of the geeks in the Southeast? Challenged only by the geeks of California, who look down upon us because "How can anyone from Alabama (imagine snide voice) know anything about computers?" Well, we do, and the Tennessee Valley in Alabama is the "Silicon Valley of the South". Take that, California.

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