Wednesday, August 24, 2005

the cure for insomnia

I have finally discovered a cure for insomnia, that is pleasant. All it requires is for you to have a DVD player that, if allowed to run completely to the end, it will re-start the movie. What was the DVD? Hmm...should I tell you or give you a day to try to figure it out?

I'll make it a contest, and members of the Oubliette household are excluded from this contest. You will get approximately 24 hours to guess what DVD it was that lulled me to sleep after being awake for 18 hours without any caffine assistance, a massive insomnia attaack. After about 24 hours, I'll announce the name of the winner, or if no one guesses correctly, I'll announce title of the DVD.

So, guess away, what DVD, when played in a continuous loop, would cure my insomnia?

1 comment:

Eirene said...

I'm gonna guess it was "The Phantom of the Opera" and all the singing that lulled you to sleep.