Monday, August 15, 2005

a little news

No news today from any of the tests I had last week. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some news, at least the results of the LP. All I can say about it is that the fluid was good and crystal clear, which means no bacterial infection, or else it would have been cloudy.

Ok, so I have some other news. I've been falling more recently. Most recently I lost my balance while in the bathroom. I twisted as I fell, trying to stop my fall, grabbing at things, but unable to stop my fall. I landed flat on my back, half in, half out of the bathroom. Our house is old, about 40 years old, so the bathrooms aren't huge, and there are marble thresholds. I managed to land with the threshold right across my back where both LPs were done earlier last week. Oh, joy. I'm still aching from that one.

I also saw my therapist today, who increased my anti-depressants. No big shock, I'm depressed because of what's going on, and can be pretty miserable to be around. So I'm now maxed out, which will hopefully help a lot. And cause more posts to begin to appear here. That's actually a pretty good measure of my mental state, how long has it been since I posted, and what was the post. Is it anything of substance, or a picture of the cats? That will be a pretty good indicator of the mood I'm in.

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