Tuesday, August 23, 2005

is it getting a little chilly here?

This one is for you, Lair.

I do believe Hell has just frozen over.

5 cats, 1 shot, 0 bloodshed, and no restraints on anyone. And no, this did not last long at all.

Clockwise, from the furry lump on the floor: The Wild Eep, Noah, McCullough, Maleficent and Mac. Maleficent and Mac are my brother-in-law's, who is currently residing with me and hubby (his brother). The bloodshed between the cats is slowly abating, although sometimes Eep has to go to her room.

Just to prove the scene lasted longer than the nanosecond it takes to take one shot.


Laurence said...

The more, the merrier!


mira said...

You are more than welcome