Sunday, August 28, 2005

the tropical storm flag flies again

For the second time this season, I've hoisted the Tropical Storm flag over Huntsville. Later on Monday, we may have to switch to the Hurricane Flag for Huntsville, depending on how long it keeps it's strength as it moves inland.


If any bloggers closer to the coast want to borrow my TS or Hurricane icons, you need to have access to Flickr. Here are the links to the pages for each

Tropical Storm
Hurricane Flags - Small
Hurricane Flags

You will have to have a Flickr account (it's free, and you don't have to give your real name) to get access to the smaller sized images, instead of just looking at the page. I have a Creative Commons License on these images, which basically says attribute the image to me, you can change it, and cannot use it for commercial use. Simple enough? Yes, I gave up my copyright, so others may use these images. Oh, and please let me know which site you've used them on. I'd like to see my own work elsewhere. :) Thanks.

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