Wednesday, August 10, 2005

today's spinal tap

Today's procedure went much better than yesterday's, since the radiologist was able to draw the required amount of fluid. I made a quick stop by my neurologist's office for some pain medication since my back had been puntured many more times than I would have liked in a 24 hour period, and my back has had better days.

So, now tomorrow back to the hospital for evoked potential testing, round 2. I'll let you all know how that goes.

I guess I've been a healthcare provider for so long I've forgotten about the patient aspect. Of course, I'm an emergency provider, so most of my patients haven't cared about the more subtelties of bedside manner. Hell, it seems like half of them haven't been concious, or even legally alive at the moment while I worked on them. It's always been a unique experience for me, being on both sides of the healthcare equation. Being licensed caregiver and patient, sometimes both at the same time, ignoring my injury to help my patient, or becoming suddenly ill 30 minutes before shift on the rescue truck starts and having to go to the Emergency Room, is a unique experience. I only wish I could be the caregiver more often than the patient right now. It's the better side to be on, even if it can be emotionally wrenching and physically draining.

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