Tuesday, August 30, 2005

the cat's react

I don't have any pics, but now that the worst is on us, with the winds just below genuine Tropical Storm force, the cats have started acting a little more squirrelly (is that even a word?), running around the house, playing chase-you-chase-me, etc.

I guess I'm officially liveblogging this until I go to sleep or we loose power. If we loose power and I'm awake, I'll make one more post letting all know that we've lost power, because I don't know how long backups and batteries will keep me online.


Laurence said...

I was going to do some kind of ask the cats, but I didn't want it to get too sappy.

Maybe later.

mira said...

I had to get the cat's reaction since they were riding it out. Aside from a little hyper-activity when Katrina was at her peak here, the didn't give a crap.