Tuesday, August 23, 2005

mission accomplished

The fact that I was overly caffinated did actually serve a purpose. I needed to be up until 9am so I could call my neurologist and have his office fax, take an elevator 3 floors up, whatever, his prelminary report of his findings on my neuro crap to my rheumatologist (arthritis specialist). You read right, fax 3 floors up. Anyway, my rheumatologist, Dr Jesus H (University of Seville, Spain) needs the preliminary info so that he can decide to continue my Remicade treatments (which has a very low risk of causing neurological damage similar to MS), or to find an alternative alternative treatment.

Mission completed. Phone calls made. NyQuil taken to combat the summer cold and put me out cold for about 6 hours. Expect no more posts until after 8pm CTD. Nitey Night.

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